WARNING: Registration List Scam

If you are contacted by a company called Buzsol (or any other company, for that matter) telling you they are selling the NCSC Expo Contact for our conference, please do not do business with them. We do not use any list sale services for the conference. The only way to purchase registration lists is through the exhibitor portal. This is a scam that targets conferences across the country. Please do not utilize this company, and reach out to us if you have any questions.

About the Conference

The National Charter Schools Conference is the premier conference for current and aspiring charter school leaders. This conference is about being part of a movement, learning from the best in the field, and learning from each other. Meeting peers that struggle with the same issues you do—or have solutions to offer you—is an incredible learning experience.

By the numbers: At the 2018 conference, we had more than 4,500 attendees. We hosted 130 breakout sessions, 10 charter talks, two networking lounges, three general sessions, and one awesome Austin style Welcome Reception! 

We seek to make NCSC an incredible learning experience, but also a heck of a lot of fun. We balance intense learning opportunities with networking, and we work to bring the best of our location to you.

Where is the Conference?

The 2019 Conference will be held June 30-July 3 at the Mandalay Bay Conference Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Who is speaking?

We are excited to share a few of our keynote speakers: Hadi Partovi, founder & CEO of code.org, and Nina Rees, president & CEO of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. We'll be announcing additional speakers soon! Learn more about our speakers on our Speaker page.

What’s the schedule?

View the schedule here.

What session content is offered?

Content will become available after our Call for Proposals process has been completed in March 2019.

What are the networking opportunities?

We offer a number of networking opportunities at NCSC!

Networking Lounges

Connect with conference attendees who share your interests at one of our networking lounges. Take a break, meet new people, and problem-solve! Networking lounges will be set up in convenient locations around the conference. Check the program book for exact locations.

Exhibit Hall Hub 

This year, we’re also adding some excitement and engagement to the middle our exhibit floor. The Exhibit Hall Hub will be the center of activity and will feature the live music, a networking pavilion, head shot lounge, and specialty coffee bar.

Are there any special events?

Yes! Our welcome party and exhibit hall happy hour are great ways to meet folks and see why NCSC is so special and fun. We're also planning additional special events and state meetings—check the program book for more information!

Welcome Party at Mandalay Bay

Make sure you plan to join us on Sunday, June 30, from 6-8 p.m. More details will become available as we get closer to the conference.

Exhibit Hall Happy Hour

We're hosting an exhibit hall happy hour on Monday, July 1, from 5-6 p.m. Mix and mingle throughout the exhibit hall, with appetizers and drinks provided. Get to know our knowledgeable and friendly exhibitors, many of whom have solutions to your everyday problems. Make new connections and enjoy a little downtime.

Our Attendees

We had more than 4,500 attendees at the 2018 Conference in Austin, TX. Our participants hail from all 50 states and include charter school teachers, leaders, board members, and advocates, as well as a diverse group of education innovators, policymakers, and business leaders.

Why Should I Attend?

NCSC is the best leadership development in the field. It’s an incredible opportunity to learn from and network with your peers from across the country. More than 91% of attendees said that what they learned at the 2018 Conference was applicable to their jobs.

Our sessions offer hands-on learning experiences from the best in the field. 2018 attendees said breakout sessions offer practical insights that help them do their jobs better immediately upon returning. We strive to engage with innovative formats and engaging speakers who tackle the issues you face. Learn more about our 2018 programming and breakout sessions using the program search tool.

Our networking opportunities will connect you with peers from across the country in memorable, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. We host formal and informal networking opportunities, such as after-hours hang outs and networking lounges, allowing you to make lasting connections.



NCSC19 Call for Proposals


Have questions about the NCSC19 proposal submission process? Look below to see if your question is included in our FAQs.

Still have questions? You can always reach out to us at presenterinfo@publiccharters.org.

When can I submit a proposal?

The NCSC19 Call for Proposals is open through February 6, 2019.


What are some general tips and reminders for developing a competitive proposal?

See some of our top tips below. You can also watch a recording of our Call for Proposals Webinar or download the slide deck to learn more about our audience, needed content, and how you can write your best proposal.

  • Use complete sentences in your proposal. This will help proposal reviewers and participants gain a clearer picture of what you plan to share and do in your session.
  • Write a title and description that are accurate and would draw an audience. When you read your title and session description, would you be interested in attending?
  • Incorporate interactive components into your session. Participants aren’t likely to want to sit through a lecture – they want to work with and learn from each other! Consider ways to break up your session with activities, pair-and-shares, group discussions, and hands-on learning experiences. Remember to also leave time for audience Q&A.
  • Identify the right audience experience level for your session. Participants should feel like they are learning something new, working toward advancing to the next level in their careers, and be continually engaged during a session. Review the content levels below to determine which level your session best aligns with.
  • Please note the maximum number of presenters and time lengths for each session type. One presenter will be lead presenter, who will serve as the main contact for the session.
  • We are seeking thoughtful and engaging proposals for sessions on the topics most critical to charter schools that have clear learning outcomes, present advanced-level content (most attendees are veterans), engage the expertise in the audience, and address a significant topic.

Will I be able to edit my session proposal once I’ve submitted it?

Yes! You can log back in and edit your proposal any time before February 6. We close the platform at 11:59pm ET on February 6, so make sure to fully complete your proposal and finish any editing before that time.

I’ve submitted my session proposal. When will I hear if my session was accepted?

We will contact all submitters and presenters via email on March 29, 2019  with the status of your proposal—accepted, alternate, or declined.

I can only present on a specific day during the Conference. Can I still submit a proposal?

All potential presenters should plan to attend all of the Conference, and be prepared to present at any time from Monday, July 1 - Wednesday, July 3. If accepted, we’ll share your exact presentation date and time in April 2019. If you have an extenuating circumstance, please contact us at presenterinfo@publiccharters.org.

Do presenters receive a discounted rate for registration?
Yes, all confirmed presenters receive our lowest registration rate of $375. We require all presenters, co-presenters, moderators, and panelists to register for the conference no later than May 17, 2019.

What is the typical number of attendees in a session?
It depends on the day and room of any given session, but our breakout rooms can fit between 80-250 attendees. Presenters should expect about 75% of their room capacity to attend. We will share your room name and capacity in April 2019.

My session was marked as an alternate. When will I know if it was accepted?
We will share the final status of alternate sessions on April 30.