To our community–

Earlier this week, the National Alliance released a statement in response to the death of George Floyd. We would be remiss if we did not take this opportunity to stand with the black community in solidarity against racism, violence, and hate. Now more than ever, we must support one another and speak up for justice and equality. As we continue to prepare for the virtual conference, and beyond, the National Charter Schools Conference team is committed to amplifying more black voices as part of our speaker lineup and producing content that reflects our commitment to equity and social justice. 

We invite you to watch and reflect on some of the most influential and empowering keynotes from black leaders on the general session stage. We believe in their message of self-determination, persistence, and hope.

Our hope is that we can emerge from this tragedy as a country, organization, and conference more committed  to justice and equality.

The National Charter Schools Conference Team
Angela Christophe, Patricia Guidetti, Sindy Pierre-Noel 

#NCSC19 – Margaret Fortune

#NCSC17 – Dr. Steve Perry

#NCSC16 – Dr. Howard Fuller

#NCSC11 – Marion Wright Edelman