All conference sessions will be hosted on the On24 virtual platform. On24 is a web-based video platform that allows users to customize their experiences based on individual preferences. The ENGAGEMENT HUB is where you will find the links to access sessions live and on-demand.

We want you to have a successful NCSCvirtual experience. Like our in-person event, we have a team in place to help you with all your technical needs. We will also have staff monitoring q&a during the sessions to respond to questions that come up. 


1. Open an internet browser (Chrome works best) and go to this link,

On24 engagement hub


2. Scroll down to search for the session you want to attend and click the wedge symbol to see the description.

Engagement Hub 2


3. If you want to attend the session click on the session display graphic to select it.

Engagement Hub 3


4. The first time you select the session you will need to enter the email address you registered with in the upper right side and hit submit.

Engagement Hub 4


5. You can use the calendar feature on the right side of the screen to add sessions to your calendar. 
Please note: you cannot enter sessions more than 15 minutes early.  

Engagement Hub 5


6. If you click on a session that is within 15 minutes of starting you will see this screen.

Engagement Hub 6

You can familiarize yourself with the controls and watch the opening slides and listen to video announcements. While you wait for the session to start, you can read speaker bios by clicking the arrow below their picture, and you can use the icons at the bottom to look at PDFs or other items the presenter may have provided for you in advance.   
NOTE: Enable Adobe Flash and pop ups so that the session may begin in a new tab. 


7. Finally if you are having an issue once you enter, click the yellow box with the question mark for help.

Engagement Hub 7


8. Once the session ends refer back to the engagement hub to select another session to attend.

Engagement Hub 8


LIVE Tech Support - Zoom "Hallway"

If you have a tech issue, step into the Zoom "hallway," and we'll help get it resolved. The Zoom hallway is open from 11:00am- 4:00pm ET on conference days, July 16, July 23, and July 30. 


Also, see On24 FAQs and connection tips here: On24 Event Help Guide