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conference presenters

This information is intended for confirmed speakers of the NCSC Virtual 2020 Conference only. At this time, we are no longer accepting sessions, though we encourage you to submit in the fall for NCSC 2021 in New Orleans. 

Key Dates for presenters
  • July 8: Speaker Prep Webinar at 3:00 pm ET/12:00 pm PT 
  • July 9: NCSCvirtual Rehearsals begin
    • Scheduling to come on July 1, priority given to July 16 sessions.
    • Speaker photos and bios due. 
  • July 10: Register for NCSCvirtual
    • Register for the virtual conference with the presenter code sent to you via email. Contact presenter managers at if you need the code. 
Session Requirements & Info 
  • Every presentation is limited to a maximum of 45-minutes and must include at least 10-minutes of audience Q&A. Please plan for no more than 5-mins of welcome/getting folks in the room, 30-minutes of content, and lastly, 10-minutes of Q&A (longer if you have any additional time remaining in your 45-mins). 
  • Live participants will have the ability to ask questions via the chat box only at the end of your presentation. For panels and moderators that are really only presenting a discussion, the moderator may weave questions from the audience throughout the presentation. But, for presentations with content/lecture, please only take questions at the end. 
  • All presentations must start and end on-time.  We encourage you to address questions throughout your presentation, provided it does not distract from your key points, and that you’re still able to end your presentation on time. 
  • Participants will be on mute, and will have access to speaker bios, photos, slides, and any materials you upload in advance to the platform. They will be able to engage with you only through the Q&A box and chat. 
  • We will have a producer and Q&A support assigned to each session, they will be with you in rehearsal and the day of the event. 
  • We’ll discuss what your role vs. the role of the producer/Q&A support in the presenter prep webinar. 

Questions: contact presenter managers Nina & Erin at