NCSC19 Top Ten Sessions 

1. When Is It Time to Refer an English Language Learner for Special Education? Five Pitfalls to Avoid

Presenters: David Calvo, Los Angeles Academy of Arts and Enterprise; Liliana Salazar, Academica

Strand: Educate

Comments from Attendees: "Amazing session! Interactive and engaging. Very informative and will be using info from this session for strategies and best practices for our teachers working with ELL students."


2. Leaders of the New School

Presenters: Mike Brown, Freedom Prep Charter Schools; Sundiata Salaam, Freedom Preparatory Academy

Strand: Lead

Comments from Attendees: "This was by far one of the most empowering sessions. I loved the content as well as the delivery. The engagement strategies used showed great teaching and presenting. Great Job!"  


3. Asset-Based Decision Making: Capitalizing on Students' Community Cultural Wealth

Presenter: Matthew Kincaid, Overcoming Racism

Strand: Lead

Comments from Attendees: "This message is something that everyone should hear, soooo informative." "Exciting session with an engaging speaker! Too little time."


4. Action! Using Theater Techniques in the Classroom

Presenter: Sydney Chaffee, Codman Academy Charter Public School

Strand: Educate

Comments from Attendees: "I don’t usually fill out evaluations but this session was the exception WOW!  Fun and applicable to any content, I can't wait to use these strategies."


5. Changing the Charter School Narrative through Digital Communication Strategies

Presenters: Kerri Barrett, West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science; Becky Carlton, MAPSA; Sara Mooney, Choice Schools Associates; Grace Noyola, MAPSA

Strand: Operate

Comments from Attendees: "This was a fantastic and engaging team. The format was lively and engaging. I learned so much. Thank you!" "The team delivered a unique engaging presentation."


6. Anti-Racism as the Antidote to the "Achievement Gap"

Presenter: Matthew Kincaid, Overcoming Racism

Strand: Lead

Comments from Attendees: "Amazing! One of the best sessions I have attended in my entire life. It was thought-provoking and a call to action." "This was fantastic, should make this mandatory for all attendees!"


7. Ready, Set, Open: A Start-Up Survival Guide

Presenter: Vireak Chheng, Charter Impact; Laura Herman, The Palmdale Aerospace Academy; Parker Hudnut, ICEF Public Schools; Spencer Styles, Charter Impact

Strand: Operate

Comments from Attendees: "Great overview of the process. All the presenters were excellent." "This session was great! Thank you for the checklist and handouts, they were very useful."


8. Understanding the Plight of Students Experiencing Anxiety - and What Educators Can Do to Help!

Presenter: William DeMeo, Specialty Psychological Services

Strand: Educate

Comments from Attendees: "Dr. Bill was amazing. He kept us totally engaged and gave us some incredible information that will be very useful in my classroom. Would highly recommend this session."


9. Navigate a Tumultuous Chartering Climate by Mastering 3 Critical Areas of Focus

Presenter: Ted Fujimoto, Landmark Consulting Group, Inc.; Sonia Park, Diverse Charter Schools Coalition; Raj Thakkar, Charter School Business Management Inc.

Strand: Govern

Comments from Attendees: "One of the best sessions I attended all week. The content was strong, relatable, great examples. Presenters have experience and are incredibly knowledgeable. Taking away a lot!"


10. School Daze: Navigating the Facility Financing Maze

Presenter: Dru Damico, Building Hope; Anand Kesavan, Equitable Facilities Fund; Molly Melloh, Reinvestment Fund; Yvonne Nolan, Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Strand: Operate

Comments from Attendees: "Nice mix of presenters. Helped provide different points of view. All presenters were great, good flow, kudos to the team."