Nancy Lublin Photo

Founder and CEO of Crisis Text Line, social entrepreneur Nancy Lublin harnesses people, technology, and data to change the world. While many operate in traditional models of outreach and management, Lublin breaks them. She turns her new and effective solutions into some of today’s most innovative and disruptive nonprofits and social movements, which is why Fortune named her one of the "World's 50 Greatest Leaders.” 

During her 2013 TED Talk, Lublin launched Crisis Text Line, the world’s first 24/7, free, text message-based support service for people facing a range of issues, from depression and substance abuse to eating disorders and physical abuse. With over 64 million text messages processed, Lublin expanded Crisis Text Line nationally, allowing people to text in and get help. Using this data, Lublin launched a separate initiative called Crisis Trends to track when and where issues occur.

According to LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, “Relatively few Silicon Valley start-ups achieve the sort of traction and transformative influence as quickly as Crisis Text Line has to date .... [Lublin] recognized that technology and Big Data analytics would allow her relatively small team to extend support services to more people, faster.”

With such great success using technology and big data, Lublin rolled out in 2018 as a for-profit subsidiary of Crisis Text Line. Repurposing many of the learnings from Crisis Text Line, uses SaaS products to teach companies and leaders how to have the difficult conversations about performance, human relations, customer service, firings and layoffs, and diversity and inclusion. “By layering machine learning on top of the Crisis Text Line data corpus, we've learned surprising things about word choices, sentence structure, and tone,” says Lublin, who will also serve as CEO of

In 2015, McGraw-Hill Education appointed Lublin to its Board of Directors, bringing her “extraordinary track record in technology innovation and leading two major not-for-profit organizations.” One of the Schwab Foundation’s 2014 Social Entrepreneurs of the Year, she was selected as a Young Global Leader by The World Economic Forum and named one of the NonProfit Times’ 50 Most Powerful Leaders three years in a row. 

After taking over as CEO of in 2003, Lublin brought the organization back from 250k debt in less than five months, and attracted more than 3.5 million members. Their enormous success attracted companies like Pepsi and Chase, whom Lublin advised on corporate social campaigns. It's no surprise that Fast Company called her one of the “most creative people in business.”

At 23, Lublin turned a $5,000 inheritance into Dress for Success, a global nonprofit, helping more than one million women in 30 countries achieve economic independence.

Author of the bestseller Zilch: The Power of Zero in Business, Lublin has been featured on Oprah, 60 Minutes, CNN, and in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Economist.