Congratulations to our Top 10 Session Presenters, as rated by participants! We're holding your place at NCSC18 in Austin. 

Click on the session titles to learn more about these great presentations. 

Rank       Session Title       Presenter(s)       Strand             Comments from Attendees    
1   Rigor Ceiling: Seeing It in Action   Tyson Kane   Instruction     "This is exactly what I was hoping for from this conference. Amazing, relevant information that I can take right to my school."    
2   Rigor Ceiling: Intrinsic Investment   Tyson Kane  



"I thoroughly enjoyed this session! So relevant and so true!"

"Mr. Kane's presentation provided me with more tools to continue moving forward."

3   Innovation in Compensation: Rewarding Commitment and Contribution   Kelly Reeser, Sam Todd   Operations    

"Best presentation of the conference."

"This was the most engaged audience and most interactive presentation by far." 

4   Telling the Story of Your School   Natalie Laukitis, Massie Ritsch   Operations    

"Great session -- full of energy and engaging!"

"Best breakout experience of the conference."

5   Rigor Ceiling: Thinking Beyond the Classroom   Tyson Kane   Instruction    

"This session was advanced, engaging, and a way to access information practical to our profession."

"I loved this session -- very much in line with my next steps as an educator."

6   How Does Student Engagement Look, Sound, and Feel in Classrooms?   Rick DuVall   Instruction    

"Highly engaging and energetic."

"Great presenter and ideas."

7   Operational Excellence: Building Systems to Support Instruction   Sarah Logrieco, Andrew Stephenson   Operations     "Great session! Very relevant and excellent framework."    
8   Facilities Financing: Selecting the Best Option for Your Charter School   Dane Anderson, John Buck, Brian Colon, Justin Ellis   Operations     "Excellent -- great presentation!"    
9   Charter Schools: Breaking Ranks and Beating the Odds   Judith Marty, Bernie Montero, Fernando Zulueta   Leadership    

"I really enjoyed the documentary. I think it would be great to show our students in other charter schools."

"Great presentation, very informative and inspiring."

10   Cultivating Curiosity: Engagement and Critical Thinking in the Classroom   Megan Freeman   Instruction    

"Beautifully done. Perfectly applicable. Beneficial across content areas. Thank you!"

"I would highly recommend to all teachers."